Affordable retail spaces in the heart of George Town

Affordable retail spaces in the heart of George Town

In the bustling heart of George Town, the KOMTAR Bazaar beckons entrepreneurs with an exciting proposition – affordable retail lots in a strategic location. Now, those seeking a new business location can thrive in the heart of George Town, enjoying easy access to diverse customer bases, all at an affordable rental rate.

KOMTAR Bazaar’s affordability sets it apart, offering entrepreneurs a cost-effective solution to establish or expand their businesses. The retail lots provide flexibility for creative storefront designs and diverse product displays. Located strategically in the iconic KOMTAR building, businesses enjoy high visibility, attracting both local residents and international tourists. The bazaar’s convenient accessibility ensures smooth operations, with various transportation modes making it easy for suppliers, staff, and customers to reach the location effortlessly.

As a prominent tourist spot, KOMTAR Bazaar opens to a diverse customer base, presenting a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to make their mark. Now is the time for those seeking a fresh start or a new business location to capitalize on the unique advantages offered by KOMTAR Bazaar. Seize the opportunity and launch your business in the heart of George Town, where affordability meets strategic advantage!

For further enquiries, please contact Penang Development Corporation (PDC) at 04-5106247 / 04-5106190 / 04-5106244 or register your interest below:

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