Golden Sun And Its Sequel Join The Nintendo Switch Online Library Next Week

Golden Sun and its sequel, Golden Sun: The Golden Age are joining the Nintendo Switch Online library next week. On January 17, these two classic Game Boy Advance games will be available to play for all Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. 

If you haven’t yet played them before, there’s probably someone in your life who has. And there’s a good chance they mention it a lot, for good reason, too. Golden Sun is an excellent RPG and its sequel serves up even more of the story and magic-heavy combat. If you aren’t familiar with these games, check them out in the trailer below: 

“From the humble village of Vale to the mystical peaks of Mt. Aleph, the Golden Sun game sets magic-wielding young heroes Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia on a quest to prevent the ancient power of Alchemy from being unleashed on their home world of Weyard,” a press release reads. “Their adventure takes them through towns, caverns, and dungeons as they face wily enemies, confounding puzzles, and epic challenges that push their magical abilities (Psynergy) to their absolute limits. Along the way, they get help from mysterious creates known as Djinn, who aid the heroes in harnessing their Psynergy to unlock potent spells and unstoppable attacks.” 

In the sequel, The Lost Age, which is a direct follow-up to Golden Sun, the story follows Felix, another young magic-wielder with a unique twist. 

Both games feature co-op gameplay, so you can adventure through Vale with a friend if you’d like, but both must have access to the games. 


Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age hit the Nintendo Switch Online-Expansion Pack library on Wednesday, January 17. 

If you’re curious about that library, here’s every NES, SNES, Game Boy, N64, Sega Genesis, and GBA game available with the subscription. 

Are you going to check out the Golden Sun games next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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