Phantom Line Is A Co-Op Shooter Set In A Post-Nuclear Europe From Former BioShock, Cyberpunk 2077 Devs

Earlier this year, some developers with experience working on games like Cyberpunk 2077 and BioShock formed Antistatic Studios to work on a PvE shooter codenamed Hornet. During today’s PC Gaming Show, the team revealed codename Hornet is officially Phantom Line, a 1-to-4-player co-op shooter set in a post-nuclear Europe. 

As part of a paranormal SWAT force, your mission is to search for and contain anomalies around the destroyed European continent in search of paranormal activity hidden away from the public eye. Featuring an open-world map with dynamic events, players must team up as operators who transfer their consciousness between artificial bodies as part of a program called H.U.S.K. Given the circumstances, Phantom Line has a heaping dose of horror with its first-person shooting. 

Check it out in the Phantom Line reveal trailer for yourself below

Antistatic says players can use H.U.S.K.s in their tactics to scout, distract, decoy, and utilize other strategies and commands to gain an advantage over their enemies. Those enemies come into the real world through rifts in the space-time fabric that allow paranormal creatures and phenomena dubbed anomalies, and, as an operator, it’s your job to close those rifts. 

As you venture throughout Phantom Line’s open world, the Icebreaker Ship will serve as your base of operations. Here, you can customize your H.U.S.K. and cabin, showcase your weapons and armor to other players, modify your gear and body, and get briefed on your next anomaly hunt. 

Here are some Phantom Line screenshots: 


Phantom Line is coming to PC sometime in the future, although Antistatic hasn’t specified when. However, it will be holding a playtest later this summer. 

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